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My name is Mitra Chandler (recently with Sabti added on to the end as I just got married in November!) and I started scrapbooking on my own last December. I have always wanted to start using all the ticket stubs, memorabilia, and pictures that I collect whenever I go somewhere or do something. At last there was somewhere to put them and keep them in a nice, organized way (instead of just another shoe box!). I had a lot of fun making my very first scrapbook and it was great to be able to share my memories with the others. I have never been the “artistic” one who can draw, be super creative, and " wow" everyone with their art skills. This was the first time where I felt like I could actually create art! All it meant was that I could pick which pictures I wanted, what colours, and what little things to add on…even if you don’t think you are artistic you can do it too!

I met my wonderful upline Kari when I went to a fundraiser card class, just thinking it would be a neat way to support a cause and get to try out this whole “stamping” thing. Once I tried it out and realized how much fun it was, and how awesome it was to have beautiful cards made by MYSELF that I was hooked!

I speak and teach French and have a background in biology so anything involving sciences and languages are interesting to me!

I look forward to sharing my passion with stamping and creating paper projects with you! Check out my calendar to see what events are going on and what clubs are being offered. If you want to join at any point, please don't be shy! Just email me or give me a call :) I look forward to meeting you!


cardmaking, sweets, aside from scrapbooking, stamping and all that jazz, i love spending time with my hubby and the rest of my family - including my adorable nephew and niece! i love traveling and can't wait to explore new places.